The Golden Lion (Cleopatra in Space #4)


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Cleo is back at Yasiro Academy, recovering from the tragic events that occurred on planet Hykosis. She feels responsible for the death of her friend Zaid, and trains nonstop. And when she learns that the Golden Lion -- a star with immeasurable energy that could destroy them all if weaponized -- has been located, she goes alone to the snowy, icy planet Cada'duun to find it. There, she faces off with a new enemy who has been instructed to destroy the Golden Lion... and her.

The Best of West Ireland: Dingle, Galway, and the Aran Islands

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Deepest Ireland is best experienced on its west coast, in the Gaeltacht — where the people speak Gaelic and the rugged villages have changed little over the generations. After exploring the rugged and remote Aran Islands, we settle into Galway, chase a friendly dolphin, and delve into Ireland in the extreme, along the Dingle Peninsula. Ringing with traditional music from its rustic pubs and dotted with prehistoric "fairy forts," this region is something special. If you're to fall in love with Ireland, chances are it'll be right here.